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  • 18 May 2022
    Clicks 18 Tags: BIS
    Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is receiving comments on draft standard “ready mixed paint, air drying, red oxide-zinc chrome painting-specification” until 11 May 2022. This Draft has extended the limit of lead restriction in household coatings to industrial applications. To prevent lead exposure of children and adults and consequent adverse impact on human health and safety and because of further scope for children’s exposure to the dried paint surfaces, the lead res ...
  • 28 April 2022
    Clicks 104 Tags: Toy
    On 13 April 2022, the United Kingdom notified WTO of a technical trade measure related to toys and cosmetics, with the notification number G/TBT/N/GBR/47. This notified Regulation amends Part 3 of Schedule 2 to the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 to prohibit the use of specific allergenic fragrances in Toys. It also restricts the permitted levels of aluminium in toys and the use of aniline, and formaldehyde in toys intended for use by children under 36 months or in other toys ...
  • 27 April 2022
    Clicks 84 Tags: FDA EPA
    A great many products exported to the U.S. are required to process FDA certification and EPA certification before entering the U.S. market. Then what do you know about FDA certification and EPA certification? As a leading product safety and regulatory consulting firm, CIRS Group is now able to provide the U.S. FDA certification and EPA certification services to help clients remove the technical barriers to trade and successfully enter the US market. What is US FDA Certificat ...
  • 12 April 2022
    Clicks 139 Tags: Restriction
    On April 6 2022, ECHA and the Member States have assessed a group of 148 bisphenols and recommended that more than 30 bisphenols need to be restricted due to their potential hormonal or reprotoxic effects. Many bisphenols are known endocrine disrupters both for human health and the environment and may lead to exposures to both professionals and consumers. Bisphenols are mostly used as intermediates in the manufacture of polymers or polymer resins, such as polycarbonate plast ...
  • 12 April 2022
    Clicks 161 Tags: Authorisation
    On 11 Apr. 2022, the European Commission has added 5 substances into the Authorised List by adopting the Commission Regulation COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2022/586 of 8 April 2022 regarding amending Annex XIV to REACH Regulation. This amendments will take effect from 1 May 2022. So far, a total of 59 substances are subject to authorization. The newly added entries are as follows: Entry Nr Substance Intrinsic property(ies) referred to in Article 57 Transitional arrangements Ex ...
  • 11 April 2022
    Clicks 153 Tags: TSCA
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a second round of test orders under section 4 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to obtain additional data on eight of the next 20 chemicals undergoing risk evaluation. After reviewing reasonably available data on these chemicals, EPA has determined additional data are needed and is using its TSCA test order authority to require companies to develop and submit information on avian and aquatic environmental haz ...
  • 8 April 2022
    Clicks 143 Tags: Consumer Goods
    In 2021, through on-site inspection and laboratory testing, Shanghai Customs had effectively implemented the quality and safety inspection and supervision of imported consumer goods at Shanghai ports, and effectively guaranteed the safety and health of consumers. The relevant unqualified cases found by Shanghai Customs in the quality and safety inspection of imported and exported commodities are hereby released. Case 1: Continuous detection of unqualified adult clothing of B ...
  • 31 March 2022
    Clicks 162 Tags: RoHS
    China has proposed to update the GB/T 26572-2011 Requirements of Concentration Limits for Certain Restricted Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products by adding the requirements on the concentration limits of 4 more harmful substances, including DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP. The revision is expected to be completed at the end of September 2022. As the most common plasticizer, phthalate acid esters are widely used in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic products. ...
  • 9 March 2022
    Clicks 282 Tags: SVHC
    On 4 Mar. 2022, ECHA has released a proposal on identifying N-(hydroxymethyl)acrylamide as a substance of very high concern for its carcinogenicity (Article 57a) and mutagenicity (Article 57b). This proposal is still under public consultations, interesting parties may send their comments to ECHA before 19 Apr. 2022.The substance will be added into the SVHC Candidate List after it passes the public consultation. ...
  • 4 March 2022
    Clicks 282 Tags: ROHS
    On 24 Feb 2022, EU has released the amendments to the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) regarding the updates to mercury exemptions ( (EU) 2022/274, (EU) 2022/275, (EU) 2022/276, (EU) 2022/277, (EU) 2022/278, (EU) 2022/279, (EU) 2022/280, (EU) 2022/281, (EU) 2022/282, (EU) 2022/283, (EU) 2022/284). Details are as follows According to (EU) 2022/274, entries 3, 3(a), 3(b) and 3(c) in Annex III to Directive 2011/65/EU are replaced by the following: Article Exemption Scope and Dates o ...

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