Recently, the EUROPEAN Parliament and the Council of Ministers have adopted the amendments to the RoHS directive (Restricts the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)), which will permit secondary market operations. The Directive will come into effect 20 days after official publication-Official Journal of the European Union.

Currently, RoHS Directive indicates both the first placing on the market and secondary market operations of non-compliant EEE will be prohibited circulation after 22 July 2019. However, the amendment aims to release this hold, which means to allow the reselling of EEE and spare parts.

Meanwhile, the European Commission calls for a public comment on draft proposals to exempt lead from eight uses under the RoHS Directive. Its deadline for comments is 17 October.

C&K reminds enterprise keep attention on the process of Revision, for better response to RoHS requirements. C&K offers the technical analysis of RoHS Directive.

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