16 January 2018, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C. drafts out the Standard of Practice for Quality Supervision and Sampling of Food-Related Products, which concludes 11 categories of 24 kinds of products. The draft standard is seeking public opinions and will end up at 16 February, 2018.


The product categories in draft are as follows:

1. Plastic Materials (membrane and bag product, containers, tools)
2. Rubber Materials (nipple of a feeding bottle, rubber products for food contact)
3. Paper Materials (paper and board products for food packaging, paper container products for food contact)
4. Wood Materials (disposable chopsticks)
5. Glass Materials (glass bottles and cans, glassware in contact with food)
6. Pottery and Porcelain Materials (ceramics product for daily use)
7. Metal Materials (metal utensils and tools, pressure cookers, metal cap products, metal pot products)
8. Food Processing Equipment (commercial electrothermal product, commercial electric product, industrial electric product, industrial electrothermal product, household food machinery product)
9. Tableware Detergent Products
10. Disinfectant Products in Contact with Food
11. Aluminum Plastic Composite Membrane and Bag Products for Food

The inspection standards and test methods for the above products are carried out according to the latest national standard for food safety, related laws and regulations, department rules, as well as the effective standards for enterprise and requirements for product quality.

C&K Testing reminds enterprises to pay attention to the Standard of Practice for Quality Supervision and Sampling of Food-Related Products, and strengthen the cooperation with professional testing agencies to ensure the quality of the product.

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