The Official Journal of the European Union released Decision (EU) 2017/176 on 2 Feb. 2017 to notify the update of EU Ecolabel for wood flooring on 25 Jan. 2017. The Ecolabel is applied to wood-, cork- and bamboo-based floor coverings. The revised criteria, along with the related assessment and verification requirements should be valid for six years from the date of notification of this Decision.

The product group of ‘wood-, cork- and bamboo-based floor coverings’ shall comprise indoor floor coverings, including wood floorings, laminate floorings, cork floor coverings and bamboo floorings which are made, for more than 80 % by weight of the final product, from wood, wood-based, cork, cork-based, bamboo and bamboo-based materials or fibres, not containing synthetic fibres in any of the composing layers.

Regulated hazardous substances and mixtures under EU Ecolabel for the said floor coverings:

1. SVHCs.

2. CLP classified substances or mixtures.

3. Contaminants in recycled wood, cork and bamboo.

Limits for contaminants in recycled wood, cork, bamboo and their fibres or chips (mg/kg dry recycled material)


Limit Values


Limit Values

Arsenic (As)


Mercury (Hg)


Cadmium (Cd)


Fluorine (F)


Chromium (Cr)


Chlorine (Cl)

1 000

Copper (Cu)


Pentachlorophenol (PCP)


Lead (Pb)


Tar oils (benzo(a)pyrene)


4. Biocidal products:

  • blend (3:1) of CMIT/MIT: 15 ppm
  • methylisothiazolinone: 200 ppm
  • other isothiazolinones: 500 ppm

5. Heavy metals in paints, primers and varnishes: cadmium, lead, chromium VI, mercury, arsenic or selenium at concentrations exceeding 0,010 % (weight by weight)

6. VOC content in surface treatment

7. Plasticisers

8. Halogenated organic compounds

9. Flame retardants Limit: 0.10%

10. Emissions of VOC

11. Emissions of formaldehyde

C&K Testing advises potential applicants of EU Ecolabels to check product compliance through testing services.

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