Asbestos is a general term for natural fibrous siliceous minerals. It belongs to silicates. It is a substance with a fibrous crystal structure, containing magnesium, iron, aluminum, sodium and other oxides and bound silica. It is very solid, and has the properties of fire resistance, corrosion resistance, heat preservation, etc., and the price is low. However, asbestos has been included in the list of first-level carcinogens by the WHO. This is because although asbestos itself is not harmful, its fibers are very small and almost invisible to the naked eye. When these small fibers are dispersed in the air in the form of dust and are inhaled into the human body, they will adhere and deposit in the lungs, causing organs to become cancerous. Statistics show that at least 107,000 deaths worldwide are closely related to asbestos each year. Therefore, asbestos has been banned at home and abroad. Currently, 66 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, Australia and all EU countries, have completely banned the use of asbestos.

  • Application field of asbestos:

In our daily lives, at least more than 3000 products contain asbestos.

Ordinary asbestos products: asbestos cement boards, asbestos cloth, asbestos tape and asbestos paper, etc.; asbestos products in the construction industry: such as asbestos tiles, asbestos cement exterior walls, asbestos eaves, etc.

Fireproof insulation products: fire escape doors, roof insulation, sound insulation tiles, insulation boards, etc.; auto parts: clutches, brake pads, exhaust pipe gaskets, etc.; medical equipment: beakers, test tubes, etc.

In addition, in order to improve the appearance and performance of the product, talc powder is added to sanitary products (paper towels, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.), plastic bags and cosmetics. Talc is a natural mineral produced in nature with associated minerals such as asbestos. 3 microns of asbestos fibers are purified from talc, which is relatively difficult and costly. Therefore, some low-purity, low-quality and low-priced talc powders are likely to contain the banned substance asbestos.

The detection capability of CIRS C&K Testing for asbestos:


Test items

Detection method

Coating materials


Determination of asbestos in coatings

GB/T 33395-2016



Determination of asbestos in products

GB/T 23263-2009

Electronic and electrical products


Qualitative determination methods of asbestos in electrical and electronic products

GB/T 37765-2019

Construction and automotive materials


Determination of asbestos in building and automobile materials.Polarized light microscope

SN/T 3798-2014



"Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification" 2015 Edition Chapter 4, 2.27 Asbestos


People can choose brand products from formal channels at work and life, trying to avoid asbestos environmental exposure and occupational exposure risks, and individuals must take protective measures, such as wearing dust masks, dust-proof clothing, etc., changing laundry in time, and minimizing the risk of asbestos hazards.

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