25 October 2018, the republic of Palau has issued a prohibition to ban making or importing products containing 10 harmful sunscreen ingredients. Starting 1 January 2020, no one will be permitted to bring, buy, sell, import or manufacture products containing these ingredients into the republic. Anybody entering Palau with the prohibited items will have them confiscated.


The sunscreens are defined as skin-care products sold for topical use containing any of the following ingredients:

  1. oxybenzone (benzophenone-3); (CAS Number: 131-57-7 )
  2. octinoxate (octyl methoxycinnamate); (CAS Number: 5466-77-3 )
  3. octocrylene; (CAS Number: 6197-30-4 )
  4. 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor; (CAS Number: 36861-47-9;38102-62-4 )
  5. triclosan; (CAS Number: 3380-34-5 )
  6. methyl paraben; (CAS Number: 99-76-3 )
  7. ethyl paraben; (CAS Number: 120-47-8 )
  8. butyl paraben; (CAS Number: 94-26-8 )
  9. benzyl paraben; (CAS Number: 94-18-8 )
  10. phenoxyethanol. (CAS Number: 122-99-6 )

C&K Testing reminds enterprises to pay attention to the revising of cosmetics products regulation, fulfill the corresponding to prevent the subsequent risk.

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