On 17 April 2017, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) released Notification 29 of Year 2017 as regards the inspection of import & export products beyond the Catalogue of Entry & Exit Products subject to Legal Inspection.

For your information, the products beyond the catalogue refer the commodities not listed on exit-entry catalogue for inspection and quarantine. China will randomly inspect and supervise such products. If products are covered in the catalogue, the import & export can be approved by inspection and quarantine authorities.

There are 30 categories of import & export products in the inspection, covering rice cookers, clothes and textiles for infants & young children, children’s footwear, travel suitcases, plastic & rubber toys (See the attachments for sample quantities, test items and inspection standards).


Clothes and textiles for infants & young children (gloves, socks, cloth shoes, scarves, bedding) shall comply with:

  • GB 18401 National general safety technical code for textile products;
  • GB 31701-2016 Safety technical code for infants and children textile products.

Tests: colour fastness, formaldehyde, pH, extractable heavy metals, small parts, thickness of plastic packaging film, safety of strings and cords, phthalates.

Tricycles, scooters, car scooters and similar wheeled toys, toy cars shall comply with:

  • GB 6675-2014 Safety of Toys;
  • GB 14747-2006 Safety requirements for child tricycles;
  • GB 14748-2006 Safety requirements for wheeled child conveyances; and
  • GB 14749-2006 Safety requirements for baby walking frames.

Tests: physical & mechanical properties, flammability, chemical properties and labelling requirements.

Travel luggage & suitcases, back bags and ticket clips shall comply with:

  • QB/T 2155-2010 Travel luggage & suitcases;
  • QB/T 1333-2010 Back bags;
  • GB 20400-2006 Standard - leather and fur - limit of harmful matter; and
  • GB 21550-2008 Restriction of hazardous materials in polyvinyl chloride artificial leather.

Test items: formaldehyde, banned decomposable aromatic amine dyes, fast colourness to rubbing, vinyl chloride monomers, soluble heavy metals and other volatiles.

Plastic & rubber toys, ride-on toys, electric toys, bamboo toys, electrically-driven toys, scooters, Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use shall comply with:

  • the American Standard ASTM F963-16 Toy safety;
  • the EU standard EN-71-1:2014/EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 /EN 71-3:2014 Toy safety;
  • GB 6675 -2014 Toy safety;
  • GB 19865-2005
  • EN 62115:2005/A12:2015 Safety of electric toys; and
  • EN-71.8-:2011 Toy Safety: activity toys for domestic use.

Test: mechanical and physical properties, flammability, electric properties, migration of certain elements, phthalates, lead content.

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