9 April 2021
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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in conjunction with CBP, is expanding the roll out of Two Way Messaging to all commercial brokers on March 22, 2021. All products within their jurisdiction will be marked for review. The CPSC has been upgraded to a participating government agency (PGA), participating in customs declaration, and adding new regulations: even if the imported goods pass the declaration, if the CPSC does not release, they can’t be sold and can onl ...
22 March 2021
Clicks 90 Tags: Baby Products
On March 15, 2021, Shanghai Customs held a press conference and announced that Shanghai Customs carried out risk monitoring on five categories of 199 batches of imported baby consumer products in 2020, including children's scooters, baby clothing, baby food contact products, baby diapers, and stationery, 95 batches of unqualified batches were detected, with an overall disqualification rate of 47.7%. The security situation is not optimistic. Among them, 10 batches of children ...
17 August 2020
Clicks 467 Tags: Children's Products
On July 22, 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation approved the release of a number of important national standards, including the new version of GB 21027-2020 “Request in common use of security for student's articles”. GB 21027-2007 “Request in common use of security for student's articles” has been released for 13 years. After 13 years of publication, a new standard for the safety control of student supplies in China has finally ushered in. GB 21027-2 ...
12 June 2020
Clicks 423 Tags: Children's Products
41 batches of imported children's products with unqualified formaldehyde content, pH value, etc., involving Brand H&M, ZARA, Lego, Qiaohu On May 30th, 2020, General Administration of Customs, P.R.China announced the quality and safety of some imported children’s products that were unqualified by the customs from January to May 2020, involving 6 category of 41 batches imported children’s products such as clothing and toys, etc. Unqualified imported children's products ...
10 June 2019
Clicks 655 Tags: toys
Egypt's Organization for Standards and Quality is planning to update the migration limits restrictions for 19 substances of toy standards. The standard covers toys that may be placed in a children's mouth, including items for use close to or inside the mouth, such as cosmetics, writing implements classified as toys, and all toys for children under 6-years-old. If approved, this draft will replace the current standard, which has been used since 2013. The proposed legislation ...
9 November 2018
Clicks 1013 Tags: BPA
5 September, 2018, The European Committee (CEN) published a second amendment to the safety standard for soothers for babies and young children. The new standard EN 1400:2013+A2:2018 Child use and care articles - Soothers for babies and young children - Safety requirements and test methods is applicable to products that resemble or function as a soother. This European Standard specifies safety requirements relating to the materials, construction, performance, packaging and product information for soothers. ...
15 August 2018
Clicks 1195 Tags: children
1 August, 2018, European Committee for Standardization (CEN) issues three new standards: EN 16779-1:2018 for children's cot duvets, EN 16780:2018 for children's cot bumpers and EN 16781:2018 for children's sleep bags. 1.EN 16779-1:2018: Textile child care articles - Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot duvets - Part 1: Duvet (excluding duvet covers).2.EN 16780:2018: Textile child care articles - Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot bumpers.3.EN 16781:2018: Textile child care articles - Safety requirements and test methods for children's sleep bags for use in a cot ...
31 July 2018
Clicks 1215 Tags: Toys
13 June 2018, CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) releases a revised standard of the Safety of toys - Part 3: Migration of certain elements- EN 71-3:2013 + A3:2018.This standard is expected to take effect on 31 December 2018. This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for the migration of aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium (III), chromium (VI), cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, selenium, strontium, tin, organic tin and zinc from toy materials and from parts of toys. ...
20 July 2018
Clicks 849 Tags: Toys
11 June 2018, ASTM International’s committee on consumer products approved a new safety standard ASTM F3317-18 that provides requirements and test methods aimed at ensuring adequate performance of infant floor seats. This standard is intended to minimize injuries to children resulting from normal usage and foreseeable misuse or abuse of infant floor seats. An infant floor seat is a seat placed on the floor, which may include a tray, toy, or restraint system. The standard is not applicable to pillow infant positioners, which are usually made of fabric and filler materials for positioning or rest and do not contain restraint systems. ...
18 May 2018
Clicks 1104 Tags: toys
17 May, 2018, the Official Journal of European Union publishes directive (EU)2018/725, amending the limit of Chromium VI in point 13 of part III of Annex II to Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. According to (EU) 2018/725, the point 13 of part III of Annex II to Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC is amended as follows.Member States shall adopt and publish the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive at 17 November, 2019 at the latest. All the toy products should meet the new limitation requirements from 18 November, 2019. ...
17 May 2018
Clicks 965 Tags: Children
2 May, 2018, Canada Gazette (Part II) release the new Children's Jewellery Regulations Children's Jewellery Regulations SOR/2018-82, which will come into force on 2 November, 2018, while the current Children's Jewelry Regulation SOR /2016-168 will be repealed. The main amendments of the new regulation SOR/2018-82 are as follows: 1. The Lead content of children's jewellery, when tested using good laboratory practices, must not be more than 90 mg/kg of lead. ...
16 April 2018
Clicks 1068 Tags: Toys
28 February, 2018, Ukraine approved the No.151 standard-the new technical regulation on the safety of toys, which will come into effect on 21 September, 2018. The new technical regulation on the Safety of Toys establishes requirements on the safety of toys and their placement on the market. It also defines the obligations of manufacturers, importers and distributors. The new regulation will replace the existing regulation which took into account in 2003. ...
12 April 2018
Clicks 1084 Tags: Lead Toys
21 March, 2018, Brazil government passed a law to restrict the lead on in products and materials used in buildings visited by children. The content of lead (by weight) in the manufacturing, sale or import of the following products shall not over 0.06 %: Paints, varnishes and similar surface coating materials are exempted for the following purposes.Products with excess lead content will be destroyed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. ...
3 April 2018
Clicks 964 Tags: baby bouncing chair
The new Federal Safety Standard for baby bouncing chairs (16 CFR 1229), takes effect on March 19, 2018. 7 September, 2017, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approved a new federal mandatory standard according to ASTM F2167-17 to improve the safety of baby bouncing chair and prevent the baby death and injury. This durable baby product is suitable for babies who are 6 months old and cannot sit alone. ...
29 March 2018
Clicks 949 Tags: Toy EN 71
January 2018, the European Commission for Standardization (EU) released new toy safety part 8 of EN 71-8:2018 - Safety requirements for household activity toys, replacing the old version of en71-8:2011. The EU standard is equivalent to national standards of EU member states and will be issued by official notification or approval by July 2018 at the latest. National standards that conflict with this standard will be abolished after July 2018.Compared to the previous version, the new version mainly updates the following. ...
27 December 2017
Clicks 872 Tags: Fidget Spinners
9 November 2017, the US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) issued a report to alert the Target store and its suppliers Bulls I Toys after testing for lead content on the handheld toys. The report shows high levels of lead in the Fidget Spinners. The store has removed the fidget spinner from sale. ...
7 December 2017
Clicks 2318 Tags: Toys
4 December 2017, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved the new safety standard ASTM F963-17 for toys. ASTM F963-17 contains various grammatical corrections, editorial corrections, and substantive changes to provisions concerning projectiles and sound-producing toys. ...
2 November 2017
Clicks 1067 Tags: toy CPSC
October 27, 2017, CPSC issued a ​final rule referring to Prohibition of Children's Toys and Child Care Articles Containing Specified Phthalates, which will revise the requirements in CPSIA. The Code of Federal Regulations title 16 is also amended by adding part 1307. From April 25, 2018(180 days after the release of the federal Gazette), any toys and children care products shall not be put into the market that contains 8 kinds of phthalate of more than 1000ppm. ...
13 October 2017
Clicks 988 Tags: Children's products CHCC
September 29, 2017, Washington Department of Ecology has added 20 chemicals and removed 3 others from the list of substances reportable under the state’s Children’s Safe Products Reporting Rule, which meant to expand the Chemicals of High Concern for Children (CHCC) list. ...
21 September 2017
Clicks 3265 Tags: toy regulation India
On September 1, 2017, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India published a notification (No.26/2015-2020), which amends its trade policy of foreign toys to enter the India market. All the imported toys shall comply with articles below. ...
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