23 July 2019, the Official Journal of European Union released the directive (EU) 2019/1254. This directive updated the standard of toy trampolines EN 71-14:2018, which replaced the previous version EN 71-14:2014+A1:2017. The old standard will expire on 22 January 2020 and this directive takes effect immediately.

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The new standard EN 71-14:2018 mainly revised the buried trampoline and the deflection coefficient of cushion:

1.    buried trampoline

Previously, toy trampolines were not included in the standard and EU standards testing by certification authority is required. EN 71-14:2018 unified the standards and the buried trampoline can show compliance with the standard.

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the buried trampoline need to dug a hole in to the ground during installation. There are two types of buried trampolines:

  • An elevated buried trampoline whose frame is horizontal above the ground.
  • A ground-level buried trampoline in which the frame is flush with the ground.

Elevated buried trampolines need install protective structure. Ground-level buried trampoline requires a protective structure outside the bounce area or a soft surface one meter wide beyond the edge of the jump area.

2.    the deflection coefficient of cushion

The deflection coefficient of cushion is a multiplication factor used to calculate the deflection quality of cushion. In consideration of static and dynamic forces, it can ensure that the cushion does not hit the ground when the user bounces. The old standard EN 71-14 requires a cushion deflection factor of 2.5 for all trampolines. The revised standard raises the coefficient to 5.0, but with the exception of mini trampolines still 2.5. Compared with non-buried trampoline, buried trampoline has more strict requirements on the residual distance from the ground under the maximum flexural condition.

C&K Testing remind enterprises to pay attention to the revising of toy safety standard EN 71, and take measures in advance to prevent the subsequent risks effectively.

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