Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls 19 batches of products in February 2019. There are 13 batches of Chinese products, accounting for 68.42%.

Based on our statistics, the Chinese products notified through the CPSC in February were as below:

Recall date






Name Baby bed rail

Units About 500

Recall number : 19-724

Manufactured in : China

The bed rail does not meet the federal mandatory standards for portable bed railings and pose a hazard to the fetters and choking of young children.

None reported



Name: Power Adapters

Units : About 8900

Recall number : 19-060

Manufactured in : China

The hybrid power adapter casing can break and detach, exposing the internal metal components, posing an electric shock hazard.

Dell has received 11 reports of the hybrid power adapter breaking and exposing the internal components. No injuries have been reported.



Name: Solar Inverters

Units : About 2600 

Recall number : 19-061

Manufactured in : China

The capacitor of the solar inverter will fail and cause the heat to build up, which will cause the cover to bounce off the inverter and cause fire and impact hazard.

Delta Electronics has received 11 reports of the capacitors failing and allowing heat buildup, including two reports of the cover forcibly ejecting off the inverter units. No injuries have been reported.



Name:  Toddler Boots

Units : About 33600

Recall number : 18-177

Manufactured in : China

Unicorns on young children's boots can fall off, posing a risk of trachea blockage in children.

Four consumers reported the unicorn’s horn detached. No injuries have been reported.



Name:  Rechargeable Party Disco LED Light with Solar Panel

Units : About 5000

Recall number : 19-725

Manufactured in : China

The battery can overheat while charging, posing burn and fire hazards.

Shop LC has received five reports of the LED lights overheating while plugged in and charging, including one report of minor burns.



Name:  Power Supply Units for Air Sensors

Units : About 4200

Recall number : 19-064

Manufactured in : China

The air sensor's power supply can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards

PurpleAir has received 27 reports of the recalled power supplies emitting sparks and/or smoke of which 18 are reports of property damage, including one report of a small apartment fire. No injuries have been reported.



Name:  Folding Mattress-Sofas

Units : About 86000

Recall number : 19-065

Manufactured in : China

Folding sofa beds do not meet the federal mandatory fire retardant standards for mattresses and pose a fire hazard.

None reported




Name: Outdoors Recalls Turkey Fryer

Units : About 3000

Recall number : 19-067

Manufactured in : China

Delicious outdoor Turkey oven nozzles can leak, posing a fire hazard.

Academy Sports + Outdoors has received two reports of a Turkey Keg leaking. No injuries or property damage have been reported.



Name: Holiday Milk Bottles

Units : About 17000

Recall number : 19-068

Manufactured in : China

Plastic straws for milk bottles can crack or break, posing a cut hazard.

The firm has received one report of the straw breaking. No injuries have been reported.



Name: Bicycle Gear Hubs

Units : About 7000

Recall number : 19-069

Manufactured in : China

The brakes in the gear hubs can fail, posing crash and injury hazards to the rider.

SRAM has received five reports of brake failure, resulting in one minor injury to a rider.



Name: Mini Trampolines

Units : About 11300

Recall number : 19-071

Manufactured in : China

The frame of a half - folded fitness trampoline can slam into the user, posing an injury hazard.

JumpSport has received nine reports of injuries involving contact with the frame, including cuts, bruises, and dental/facial injuries.

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Name: 12V Rechargeable Flashlights

Units : About 500000

Recall number : 19-073

Manufactured in : China

A 12-volt rechargeable flashlight can overheat when charged, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

Harbor Freight Tools has received two reports of the flashlight overheating.  No reports of injury.



Name: Propane Torches

Units : About 150000

Recall number : 19-074

Manufactured in : China

The switch that ignites the acetylene torch does not extinguish the flame when the hand is not pressed on the switch, posing a burn hazard.

Harbor Freight has received two reports of the trigger failing to disengage, including one report of a burn injury.


Accompanying remedies (refund, replacement and repair) are taken for such notifications.

As notified on the CPSC website, some customers have already got injured due to the potential hazards.

So it is important to track the recalls of products to ensure consumers' legitimate interests and rights. C&K Testing hereby reminds related enterprises to enhance the product quality by learning more about the potential hazards of their product categories.