Safety Labels

Safety labels of chemicals refer to those attached on the chemical packaging provided by the manufacturers or sellers. As a carrier to communicate safety information with operators, the label bears Points for Attention for the dangerous properties of chemicals and their disposal by easy and understandable words and graphics to warn operators of safe operation and disposal.

16 Oct 2013, the Standardisation Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC) has published 28 new GHS classification standards for chemicals and the implementation date is 1 November 2014. The new compulsory national standards (GB 30000-2013) for chemical classifications are fully aligned with UN GHS Rev. 4 and have adopted all building blocks under UN GHS Rev. 4 including aspiration hazards and hazards to the ozone layer.

The Compulsory National Standards (GB 30000-2013) for chemical classification in present.

Standard GB 30000.2-29-2013

Name: Safety rules for classification and labeling of chemicals for

To Replace

GB 30000.2-2013


GB 20576-2006

GB 30000.3-2013

Flammable gases

GB 20577-2006

GB 30000.4-2013


GB 20578-2006

GB 30000.5-2013

Oxidizing gases

GB 20579-2006

GB 30000.6-2013

Gas under pressure

GB 20580-2006

GB 30000.7-2013

Flammable liquids

GB 20581-2006

GB 30000.8-2013

Flammable solids

GB 20582-2006

GB 30000.9-2013

Self-reactive substances and mixtures.

GB 20583-2006

GB 30000.10-2013

Pyrophoric liquids

GB 20585-2006

GB 30000.11-2013

Pyrophoric solids

GB 20586-2006

GB 30000.12-2013

Self-heating substances and mixtures

GB 20584-2006

GB 30000.13-2013

Substances and mixtures which are in contact with water emit flammable gases

GB 20587-2006

GB 30000.14-2013

Oxidising liquids

GB 20589-2006

GB 30000.15-2013

Oxidising solids

GB 20590-2006

GB 30000.16-2013

Organic peroxides

GB 20591-2006

GB 30000.17-2013

Corrosive to metals

GB 20588-2006

GB 30000.18-2013

Acute toxicity

GB 20592-2006

GB 30000.19-2013

Skin corrosion/irritation

GB 20593-2006

GB 30000.20-2013

Serious eye damage/irritation

GB 20594-2006

GB 30000.21-2013

Respiratory or skin sensitization

GB 20595-2006

GB 30000.22-2013

Germ cell mutagenicity

GB 20596-2006

GB 30000.23-2013


GB 20597-2006

GB 30000.24-2013

Reproductive toxicity

GB 20598-2006

GB 30000.25-2013

Specific target organ toxicity- single exposure

GB 20599-2006

GB 30000.26-2013

Specific target organ toxicity-repeated exposure

GB 20601-2006

GB 30000.27-2013

Aspiration Hazard


GB 30000.28-2013

Hazardous to the aquatic environment

GB 20602-2006

GB 30000.29-2013

Hazardous to the ozone layer


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