Imported cosmetics are gaining more popularity on the China market along with the rapid development of the cosmetics sector in recent years. However, Chinese authorities at all levels find many batches of imported cosmetics not comply with relevant standards and some of them are even world-famous, which put both economic operators and Chinese consumers on the alert.

The table below lists some Chinese standards on cosmetics:

Version 2015

Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics

GB 5296.3

Instruction for Use of Consumer Products—General Labelling for Cosmetics

QB/T 1645

Facial Cleaning Milk and Cream

QB/T 2660

Skin Tonic

QB/T 1857

Skin Care Cream

QB/T 1977


QB/T 1976

Made-up Pressed Powder

QB/T 1859

Body Powder, Anti-prickly Heat Powder

QB/T 1858

Perfume and Cologne

QB/T 1858.1

Florida Water

QB/T 1643

Hair Mousse

QB/T 1644

Hair Spray

QB/T 1862

Hair Oil

QB/T 1974

Hair Shampoo

Tip: On 23 December 2015,Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics(Version 2015) was published upon review of experts from Cosmetics Standard Committee and would take into force on 1 December 2016. The standard, an update for Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics (Version 2007), provides for safety technical requirements for cosmetics, including general requirements, requirements on prohibited/restricted components, requirements on allowable components and methods for test and assessment, applicable to cosmetics that are produced or intended for sale in domestic China. (Except to products intended for sale in foreign countries).

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Declaration Flowchart for Imported Cosmetics

Phase I Records-keeping of Declaring Unit (about 1 month since material preparation)

Phase II Testing: common cosmetics: 2 months, cosmetics for special use: 4-6 months

Phase III Prepare materials and submit them to CFDA

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