Disposable Sanitary Products

China’s regulation on disposable sanitary products has been strengthened gradually as the market in China is on rapid increase in recent years. Here are the standards regulating the disposable sanitary products in China:

  • GB 15979—2002 Hygienic Standard for Disposable Sanitary Products
  • GB 20810—2006 Bathroom Tissue (including Bathroom Tissue Base Paper)
  • GB/T 8939—2008 Sanitary Absorbent pads (including Pantiliner) (Not mandatory)

Table 1 Type and Corresponding Standard of Products under Regulation

HS Code

Product Type

Testing Standard


A small roll (piece) of paper handkerchief(s) (with its width ≤36cm, in roll, rectangle or other special shape)

GB 15979—2002 Hygienic Standard for Disposable Sanitary Products


A small roll (piece) of paper table cloth(s) or napkin(s) (with its width ≤36cm, in roll, rectangle or other special shape)


Paper clothing and its accessories (made of pulp, paper,cellulose wadding and cellulose fiber webs)


Paper sheets and similar products for family, hygiene and hospital (made of pulp, paper,cellulose wadding and cellulose fiber webs)


Pull-up baby diapers, diapers/nappies


Sanitary napkins (panty liners) and tampons


Diaper padding and similar products under the category


Bathroom tissue, facial tissue, napkins and similar paper (with its width ≤36cm in piece or roll, or length of one side >36cm and that of the other>15cm in rectangle)

GB 20810—2006 Bathroom Tissue (including Bathroom Tissue Base Paper)


A small roll (piece) of bathroom tissue paper(with its width ≤36cm, in roll, rectangle or other special shape)


Imported intermediate products under the above codes (exclusive of bathroom tissue and its base paper)

GB15979—2002 Hygienic Standard for Disposable Sanitary Products

All disposable sanitary products intended for import to China can clear the customs in case that they conform to the following requirements:

1. The party to be inspected shall provide test reports issued by testing bodies accredited with CNAS qualification;

2. Chinese identification shall be specified on the products;

3. All disposable sanitary products, with damaged package, bad hygiene status, or beyond their expiry date, or mixing with waste and old products, shall be re-dispatches or destroyed.

C&K Testing, equipped with compliance testing lab for disposable sanitary products, can provide your products with reasonable testing plans.



Total bacteria colonies/ Bioburden

Coliform group

Pathogenic pyogenic bacteria: staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus hemolyticus

Total fungi colonies


Dermal irritation test

Vaginal mucosa irritation test

Dermal allergic action test

Tip: Lianyungang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (in Jiangsu Province, China) destroyed imported products that violating against regulations as detected in 2015 collectively on 9 March 2016. The products involve toys, pull-ups and food  (goods price: over RMB 70,000 Yuan).

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