Bicycle Testing

Bicycles properly satisfy our needs of short trips, effectively relieve the heavy traffic and improve the environment quality due to low energy use, low emission and zero pollution. Nowadays bicycling is not only the most common way of transportation but also a fashion lifestyle. However, bicycle accidents are on the rise in recent years resulting from product quality. The growing bicycle accidents propel stricter bicycle regulation into action n the globe. Bicycle testing from C&K Testing can help bicycle and components manufacturers to ensure your products comply with regulatory requirements across the different markets.


Mountain bicycles

Road bicycles

Folding bicycles

City bicycles

Children’s bicycles

Electric bicycles

Trekking bicycles

Racing bicycles

Bicycle Testing Solutions

C&K Testing renders one-stop third-party testing solutions for bicycles, electric bicycles, components and accessories as per standards to check quality, safety, hygiene and chemical properties. Test reports will be issued based on our analysis.

Bicycle Testing:  

  1. Bicycle Component Testing
  2. Electric Bicycle & Tricycle Testing
  3. Children’s Bicycle Testing
  4. Other Testing: tailored testing solutions; PAHs, phthalates and heavy metals testing; EMC testing, etc.

Our Bicycle Testing Services

International: ISO 4210 Bicycles, ISO 8098 Children’s Bicycles

US: CPSC 16 CFR 1512 Bicycles, ASTM F963 Children’s Bicycles, ANSI Z315.1 Children’s Tricycles

EU: EN-14764 City and Trekking Bikes, EN 14765 Bicycles for Young Children, EN 14766 Mountain Bicycles, EN-14781 Racing Bikes, EN 16054 BMX Bicycles, EN 15194 Electrically power assisted cycles (EPAC Bicycles)

Japan: JIS D9301 Bicycles, JIS D9302 Children’s Bicycles

China: GB 3565 Bicycles, GB 17761 Electric Bicycles, GB 14746 Children’s Bicycles

For the purpose of development of electric bicycles, Standardisation Administration of China (SAC) notified Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to revise the mandatory national standard GB17761-1999 Electric bicycles – General technical requirements, which revealed some problems including the absence of mechanical, electric and fire protection requirements in the standard on 10 Feb. 2017. More Info

Our Strengths

  • Leading testing capacities on bicycle testing, reliable test data and great international credibility by virtue of bicycle testing labs at national level
  • Global network of test facilities (branches in Ireland, Hangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing)
  • Accredited by CNAS on bicycle testing as per ISO, EN, JIS, CPSC, BS, GB and QB standards  

Contact Us

C&K Testing can render you one-stop solutions integrating consulting, testing and certification. Please feel free to contact or leave us a message if any question. Staffed by experienced specialists, C&K Testing can assure you of the quality and safety of your products by our professional testing services as per different standards. 


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