Asbestos Testing

Asbestos are naturally occurring fibrous minerals as silicates with a structure of thin fibrous crystals, containing oxides of magnesium, iron, aluminum and sodium, and silicon dioxide. Asbestos fibres will be released to air in powdery and it may accumulate in the lung to cause organ canceration if absorbed by human bodies.

Owing to good tensile strength, insulation, anti-corrosion and inflammability, asbestos are important materials applied in flame retardants and insulation.

  • In 2009, China carried out Determination of Asbestos in Products (GB/T 23263-2009), applicable to the determination of asbestos in building materials, friction materials, sealing materials, insulation materials and nonmetallic minerals;
  • In 1999, EU published Directive 1999/77/EC to specify the restrictions on use of crocidolite, amosite, chrysotile, antophyllite, actinoliteand tremolite, which are now listed in REACH Annex XVII;
  • The United States began to restrict asbestos since 1971 and prohibited the production and use of asbestos and its products since 1992;
  • Japan prohibited the use of asbestos in products since 2008.

C&K Testing can provide professional testing for asbestos as per standards of different countries and regions. Besides, we can render you one-stop solutions integrating consulting, testing and certification. Please feel free to contact or leave us a message if any question. 


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