Based on years’ expertise in testing and regulation research, C&K Testing is able to render you regulatory consulting as regards chemical safety and substance regulation of products around the world. Headquartered in Hangzhou, our parent company CIRS has established branches in different areas such as Ireland, Ningbo, Nanjing and Beijing. In the meanwhile, C&K Testing keeps close technical communication and cooperation with many industry associations in China and has won widely recognition from the industry. Our specialists have participated in the development of several GB standards (mandatory Chinese standards). Tracking on the regulation dynamics, we will provide professional interpretation for you.


Regulation impact analysis

C&K Testing will collect and analyze the environmental and chemical regulations, directives, industry standards and customers’ requirements according to industry, supply chain, product type and destination region of customers, and generate regulation impact analysis report.


 Regulation decipherment

C&K Testing will summarise relevant environmental and chemical regulations, offer decipherment report. The report includes regulation introduction, decipherment on regulation articles, suggestions on companies’ responsibilities and obligations, FAQs and case study.

Regulation tracking

C&K Testing is going to track and decipher the updating environmental and chemical regulations and offer tracking report, which contains the explanation of updating contents, impacts for your product type and compliance suggestions.

Complete Compliance Solutions

C&K Testing helps enterprises establish management system for hazardous substances, including list of regulated hazardous substances, training schemes, compliance investigations for suppliers and random inspection of samples.


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