More consumers take notice of the hazard that chemicals in products may present to human health and the environment along with the strengthened awareness of safe consumption. Countries and regions enact laws, regulations and standards to regulate the use of hazardous chemicals to lower the risks arising from direct exposure to the chemicals to human and the environment.

Undoubtedly, globalisation makes import & export one of important ways of product circulation. However, the differences in regulations and standards in countries, regions and industries have become trade barriers during import and export. It is important for manufacturers and retails to fully understand and comply with regulations. C&K Testing can render you regulation training as regards control of hazardous substances as follows:

Training Programs



Packaging Directive

Prop 65


FDA for Food Contact Materials CHCC

China RoHS

China ELV

Safety of Toys GB 6675


General: GB 18401

For infants and young children: GB 31701

Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics

(Chinese standard for cosmetics)



ISO 8124 (toys) Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 (textiles) ......


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