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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India published a notification (No.26/2015-2020) on September 1, 2017, which amends its trade policy of foreign toys to enter the India market. Import of toys (all items under EXIM Code 95030010, 95030020, 95030030 and 95030090) shall accompany with  related certificates.

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(i) A certificate that the toys being imported conform to the standards prescribed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

a) IS: 9873(Part 1) - Safety of toys: Part – 1 Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties (Third Revision).

b) IS: 9873(Part 2) – Safety of Toys: Part – 2 Flammability (Third Revision) 

c) IS: 9873(Part 3) – Safety of Toys: Part – 3 Migration of Certain Elements (Second Revision) 

d) IS: 9873(Part 4) – Safety of Toys: Part – 4 Swings, Slides and similar activities Toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use.

e) IS: 9873(Part 7) – Safety of Toys: Part – 7 Requirements and test methods for finger paints.

f) IS: 9873(Part 9) – Safety of Toys: Part – 9 Certain phthalates ester in toys and Children’s products.

g) IS: 1564 – Safety of Electric Toys.

(ii)  A Certificate that the toys being imported conform to the standards prescribed in IS: 9873 Part- 1, Part – 2, Part – 3, Part – 4, Part – 7, Part – 9 and 15644: 2006.

(iii) A certificate of Conformance from the Manufacturer that representative sample of the toys being imported have been tested by an independent laboratory which is accredited by NABL, India and independent laboratory which is accredited above. The Certificate would also link the toys in the consignment to the period of manufacture indicated in the Certificate of Conformity.

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